FA Premier League First Season Quiz Round 1

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The first Premier League season contained how many teams? 20, 22 or 24?

22 teams


Which England international left Arsenal to sign for Leeds United for £2m?

David Rocastle


Tottenham Hotspur signed Teddy Sheringham from which team?

Nottingham Forest


Which club led the Premier League table at Christmas, despite having lost 7-1 to Blackburn Rovers earlier in the campaign?

Norwich City


Who was in charge of The Canaries in his first season as a manager?

Mike Walker


At the beginning of the campaign, Des Walker left Nottingham Forest to sign for which Italian side?



Which three teams were relegated from the Premier League at the end of the season? One point for each.

Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace


Only one manager was sacked during the season, who was it?

Chelsea's Ian Porterfield


Who resigned as manager director of Leyton Orient to take charge of Nottingham Forest following the departure of Brian Clough at the end of the season?

Frank Clark


Which electrical company sponsored the shirts of Manchester United?