April 2017 News Quiz (Round 2)

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Which two Football clubs were raided by HMRC this week in connection with tax affairs?
Newcastle United and West Ham United


One of Britain’s top concert halls - Colston Hall, is changing its name to sever links with the slave trade. In which city is it?


Waxworms - often used by anglers as bait, have been identified as a possible solution to what pollution issue? a) plastics b) air pollution c) household waste
a) plastics


The parent company, Jab Holdings, put which shoemaker up for sale this week?
Jimmy Choo


Which heptathlete has been awarded the Bronze medal from the Beijing Olympics following the disqualification of an athlete for taking a banned substance?
Kelly Sotherton


The French Presidential elections are now down to the final two candidates, Marine Le Pen, and which other?
Emmanuel Macron


The 2017 London Marathon was run this weekend, who won the men's race? a) Bekele b) Wanjiru c) Ghebreslassie
b) Wanjiru


The Borussia Dortmund team coach was bombed last week, and at first terrorism was suspected, but what was the real reason?
A speculator tried to lower the share price of the club in order to make a profit