August 2016 News Quiz Round 2

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Events during the 2nd week in August


Who this week defended his 10000 m title at the Rio olympics by winning gold?
Mo Farah


The British actor who played the droid R2-D2 in the Star Wars films died at 81. What was his name?
Kenny Baker


Hugh Grosvenor will inherit a £9 billion estate following his fathers death. What title does he also inherit?
Duke of Westminster


Who had to cancel his one-man show called 'I Don’t Believe It! An Evening With Victor Meldrew' following a heart attack?
Richard Wilson


Who made history by being the first to hit a Hole-in-one at the Olympic golf tournament?
Justin Rose


Sputnik News, a broadcaster linked to Moscow, and suspected of being a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin, opened its offices this week. Where?


Who signed for Manchester United for a record fee of £93.25m?
Paul Pogba


What ran aground on the Western Isles sparking fears of pollution?
The Transocean Winner (an oil drilling platform)


Jamie Andrew, a quadruple amputee successfully climbed one of the highest and most iconic mountain in the alps. Which was the mountain?


Which former CIA operative has joined the race for the White House at the last minute?
Evan McMullin