August 2016 News Quiz Round 3

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All questions are about recent events in August


Which political leader sat on the floor to make the point that more train capacity was needed?
Jeremy Corbyn


And which entrepreneur got into a spat with the politician by suggesting it was just a stunt?
Richard Branson


Which "lighter than air" aircraft, which is also the world's largest, crash landed on only its second flight?


The chief executive of which bank has apologised to his staff over his alleged affair?


Which DJ flipped his car onto its side whilst apparently trying to avoid a cat?
Nick Grimshaw


Which American olympian has been shamed after admitting that he made up a story about being robbed in Rio?
Ryan Lochte


Drugs destined for Pentonville Prison were intercepted by police this week. What method had the criminals tried to use?
To fly them in using drones


The world's first vaccine against leprosy has been developed and will be tested in which country?


Reputedly the worlds most expensive villa went on sale recently for 1 Billion Euros. In which country is it?


The state broadcaster of which middle eastern country has, controversially, suspended eight female presenters for a month until they lose weight?