August 2016 News Quiz Round 4

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Born Jerome Silverman in 1933, which US actor who passed away recently played Leo Bloom in The Producers?

Gene Wilder


England international goalkeeper has joined an Italian club on loan for the season. Can you name them?



In which year did London's Notting Hill Carnival first take place? a) 1956 b) 1966 c) 1976

b) 1966


British MPs are to visit which South Pacific Island to hear protests concerning an 'Australian takeover'?

Norfolk Island


Which event, held annually in Llanwrtyd, Wales, sees competitors done flippers and other swimming attire and compete in a 50 yard trench filled with water?

World Bog Snorkelling Championships


Which British politician joined Donald Trump on stage at a US presidential rally last week?

Nigel Farage


The largest wildlife reserve on the planet was created this week. Off the coast of which island?


Which organisation has been told by the EU Commission to pay £11 billion in back tax to Ireland?


Which footballer has announced that his international career will end after the 2018 World Cup?
Wayne Rooney


Which Batsman broke the 23 year old English record for the highest score in a One Day International match?
Alex Hales