August 2016 Quiz Round 1

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First celebrated in 1975, 1st August is promoted as the day to celebrate for which county?



Hull City allegedly approached which former Chelsea footballer, who once managed both West Ham United and Watford to become their new boss?

Gianfranco Zola


Boys Don't Cry is the new album from which American artist known for Channel Orange?

Frank Ocean


Which actor who made his box office debut in Coach Carter will play a mermaid in the remake of the film Splash?

Channing Tatum


Which British Olympic athelete escaped a ban following an appeal into three missed drugs tests in the run up to the Rio games?

Lizzie Armistead


Which MP will become the first male to appear in the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing?

Ed Balls


Which one-off special set to return to our screens, the first since 2014, is said to be the 'spookiest ever' by its star Alan Davies?

Jonathan Creek


The 'i360', a vertical pier, opened this week in which British city? It is said to be the world's tallest moving observation tower.