December 2016 News Quiz (Round 2)

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Which ship, Britain's last remaining aircraft carrier, started her journey to the scapyard this week?
HMS Illustrious


Name the American pharmaceutical giant that was fined a record £84m for overcharging the NHS.


Which European capital has had to ban cars from it's city this week due to the record pollution levels?


Which steel works has been saved from closure after the promised injection of £1 billion over the next 10 years?
Port Talbot


Which "Army" is set to return to Britain for the first time in 10 years in 2018 when they will be able to be seen at the World Museum in Liverpool?
China's Terracotta warriors


The governing body has announced that it is introducing a red card system giving officials the power to send off a player in the most extreme cases of on-field breaches of discipline in which sport?


Formula One racing will return to which country in 2018 following a gap of 10 years?


Which famous 80's band lost a High court case over their rights to their early works?
Duran Duran