December 2016 News Quiz (Round 3)

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The first American to orbit the Earth died recently at the age of 95, can you name him?
John Glenn


Which fast food company has announced plans to move it's international headquarters from Luxembourg to Britain?


Which American media group has apparently struck a deal to take over the satellite broadcaster Sky for £18.5 billion?
21st Century Fox


For which newspaper was the acclaimed writer and critic A A Gill working when he died suddenly this week?
Sunday Times


It has just been announced that it will be possible to fly non-stop to Australia from London in 2018 when a new service is launched by which carrier?


Which international retailer has changed the names of some of it's products to match that of popular search engine results.


Following the completion of a paved road this year, it has been announced that tourist will be able to be driven to what iconic landmark?
Base camp of Everest


Which of Britain's leaders has 100m breaststroke world record holder, Adam Peaty, credited for help in motivating him before he raced?
Winston Churchill