February 2016 Quiz Round 4

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Best known for playing Joey Tribbiani, actor Matt Le Blanc is to present the new Top Gear show but what was the name of Joey's chain-smoking agent in the long-running US sitcom Friends?



Golfer Rory McIlroy got so frustrated during this week's Dubai Desert Classic that he: a) threw his ball into a lake b) punched his caddie c) snapped his club over his knee

a) threw his ball into a lake


Julian Assange has been at which country's London embassy since June 2012?



'Anti' is the latest album from which Barbados-born singer?



England play Scotland in the Six Nations tomorrow. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the winning side, first played for in 1879 and taking its name from an area of West Bengal, India?

Calcutta Cup


Parachutes was a 2000 album released by which British group?



Female cabin crew with which airline known by the callsign SPEEDBIRD won the right to wear trousers this week?

British Airways


On this day in 1982, pioneering budget airline Laker Airways collapsed owning huge amounts to the banks - what's was the first name of the company chairman who was also a Sir?