February 2016 Quiz Round 5

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Police are considering using which novel method for tackling illegal drones?

Trained eagles


Can you name the film appearing in cinemas this week based on a comic by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld?



The infamous St Valentines Day Massacre of 1951 saw Sugar Ray Robinson defeat which boxing great in a bloody battle lasting 13 rounds in Chicago?

Jake La Motta


John Disley died this week aged 87. Which well-known race did he co-found?

London Marathon


The Mechanics of Genius is a London Science Museum exhibition celebrating the work of which Renaissance polymath?

Leonardo Da Vinci


Which unfortunate incident affected cyclists in a race in Benidorm this week? a) Pins placed on the road punctured several riders tyres b) Dust from a nearby desert blinded them c) High winds blew them off their bikes

C) High winds blew them off their bikes


Star Wars: The Force Awakens became only the third film in history to pass $2bn in box office earnings alongside Titanic and which James Cameron film?



Which Channel 4 reality show has caused controversy after a number of competitors suffered serious injuries?

The Jump