February 2016 Quiz Round 6

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The James Bond franchise of films began at which British film studio with a Terence Young directed 1962 release?

Pinewood Studios


Aaron Sorkin is set to write a Broadway adaptation of which book, which has also had an Oscar-winning film adaptation?

To Kill A Mockingbird 


Which TV presenter best known for his football coverage is set to replace Bill Turnbull as host of BBC Breakfast?

Dan Walker


Which Olympic gold medalist will ride Cheltenham Festival mount Pacha Du Polder at Fakenham racecourse next week?

Victoria Pendleton


In which sport was Liam Dawson called up to represent his country without coach Trever Bayliss ever seeing him play a competitive match?



Chinese New Year 2016 kicked off the year of which animal?



U.S. presidential candidate John Kasich represents which party?



Asahi is a leading brewer of beer from which country?