February 2016 Quiz Round 8

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Comedian Paul Merton has overtaken Kenneth Williams's record for most appearances on which Radio 4 panel game?

Just a Minute


Actor George Gaynes died this week aged 98. In which film series did he appear seven times as Commandant Lassard?

Police Academy


Known as 'the father of the atomic bomb' which American nuclear physicist died in February 1967?

J Robert Oppenheimer


Which National Hockey League team was this week honoured at The White House for its 2015 Stanley Cup victory?

Chicago Blackhawks


Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone are the main characters of which BBC comedy television series which is set to hit the big screen in 2016?

Absolutely Fabulous


'Hairy Panic', an fast-growing tumbleweed, has invaded the town of Wangaratta in which country?



The world's most slender tower is due to open this summer in which British city? a) Bradford b) Brighton c) Bristol

b) Brighton


The Night Manager, a television miniseries from the BBC, is based on the novels by which author?

John Le Carre