February 2016 Quiz Round 9

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Which type of car used in the James Bond film Spectre was sold for £2.4 million?

Aston Martin DB10

Which Italian author known for 'The Name of the Rose' died aged 84 in February 2016?

Umberto Eco


The Treaty of Rome was signed by 6 European states in 1957 and in 1967 the European Community was established. In which year did Great Britain join what would become the European Union?



On which date will the referendum take place to decide Great Britain's future in the European Union? a) 23rd June b) 25th June c) 27th June

a) 23rd June


The FBI have been embroiled in a very public encryption spat with which company?



Which comedian unveiled 'Nobby' his latest creation following the footsteps of Ali G, Borat and Bruno?

Sasha Baron Cohen


Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain died aged 27. How old would he have been on his birthday in February 2016?



Cricketer Brendan McCullum broke the test record for the fastest century. Which country does he represent?

New Zealand


Nicholas Parsons is the long standing presenter of which Radio 4 program?

Just a Minute


True or false: In 2015, a UK man changed his name via deed poll to 'Mr Deep Fried Crispy Mars Bar'?

False: though there was a Mr Bacon Double Cheeseburger!