February 2017 News Quiz (Round 2)

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Name the former 'It Girl' and friend of Prince Charles who died this week.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson


There was a mass brawl in South Africa's parliament this week when a group of MPs disrupted whose address?
President Jacob Zuma


Walter Swinburn, whose death in December a coroner has just ruled as accidental, rode which horse to victory in the 1981 Derby when aged just 19?


Austrian Markus Stockl has just broken a downhill speed record of 104.1mph, on what?
Mountain bike


Who won the Grammy for the best album at the 2017 awards?


A female endurance athlete, Elaine Hopley, has become the fastest woman (competing solo) in the 30-year history of which event regarded as one of the world’s toughest?
Row the Atlantic


One of the writing duo who created Steptoe & Son and Hancock's Half Hour has died this week, can you name him?
Alan Simpson


Which British bank has just put itself up for sale?
The Co-operative Bank