January 2017 News Quiz (Round 4)

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Which former IRA activist, who was Sinn Fein’s leader in Northern Ireland, has announced the end of his political career due to illness?
Martin McGuinness


Trump was inaugurated as President this week, but who is his Vice President?
Mike Pence


Sales of yellow dresses have rocketed thanks to a tea dress that is worn by Emma Stone in which recent film?
La La Land


The Duke of Marlborough is apparently planning to build up tp 1600 houses on land he owns. What was his name before he became the Duke in 2014?
Jamie Blandford


Biz Stone has called for a 'trust' button to counter 'fake news', but which IT company did he co-found?


Adama Barrow a former security guard at an Argos store in north London, has been elected leader of which African country?


Which striker has just broken Manchester United's all time goal scoring record?
Wayne Rooney


Which city has hosted the premier of the film 'T2 Trainspotting'?