January 2017 News Quiz (Round 5)

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Bernie Ecclestone has been removed as chief executive of Formula 1 after its takeover by which US company?
Liberty Media


Irish politician Michelle O’Neill, has just been chosen for which role?
Leader of Sinn Fein


Which actor, best known for playing René Artois in 'Allo 'Allo, died recently?
Gorden Kaye


Which team has just beaten the Pittsburg Steelers and in doing so has made the Super Bowl final against the Atlanta Falcons?
New England Patriots


Jasmin Sawyers appeared on the BBC 'The Voice' recently, but as an athlete she won the silver medal at the commonwealth games in 2014 in what event? a) Long Jump b) 100m c) 400m hurdles
a) Long jump


The Soyuz capsule that brought astronaut Tim Peake back from space has gone on permenant display at which museum?
Science Museum in London


Who was voted best judge at the National Television Awards recently? a) Len Goodman b) Louis Walsh c) Mary Berry
c) Mary Berry


Which former girl group singer has apparently named her newborn child after the singer George Michael?
Geri Horner (Halliwell)