June 2017 Quiz (Round 1)

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Donald Tusk quoted the lyrics to which song when asked about the possibility of reversing Brexit?

a) Help! - The Beatles b) Here Comes The Sun - George Harrison c) Imagine - John Lennon

c) Imagine - John Lennon


The Daily Mail newspaper clashed with which other newspaper following the publication of a cartoon this week?

The Guardian


Australian Greens party senator Larissa Waters made history by becoming the first woman to do what this week?

Give a speech to the Australian Parliament whilst breastfeeding


Which two nations have been added to the list of countries which are eligible to play international test cricket?

Ireland and Afghanistan


Which former leader of the Labour Party learnt how to scream like the death metal group Nepalm Death?

Ed Miliband


Derek Carr of the Raiders just became the highest paid player in the history of which sport?

(American) Football


Which Oscar-winning director will take over the reigns of the Han Solo film?

Ron Howard


Yorkshireman Johnny Bairstow helped England to a T20 victory over which country this week?

South Africa


A driver abandoned his vehicle in a busy road to have a selfie taken with which former WWE wrestle and actor this week?

The Rock


Will their be more English men, Irish men or Welsh men in the British Lions side for the First Test?

Welsh men