June 2017 Quiz (Round 2)

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Travis Kalanick this week resigned as CEO of which company following months of scandals embroiling the company?



Which Arsenal player became top scorer for the Chilean national side?

Alexis Sanchez


Alexis Bledel's character Emily will take a more prominent role in the second series of which television show?

The Handmaid's Tale


Mohamed Salah joined Liverpool from Roma. With which Premier League side did he make 13 appearances prior to joining the Italian club?



Which 'Weird Al' was this week named as a new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?



'Fallen Kingdom' is the subtitle for the sequel to which 2015 movie?

Jurassic World


As of 2017, how many years ago was the original The Karate Kid movie released?

a) 29 years b) 31 years c) 33 years

c) 33 years


Which cryptocurrency suffered its first 'flash crash' this week?



Which Test Match Special cricket commentator has called time on his commentating career this week?

Henry 'Blowers' Blofeld


Users of which Internet Service Provider have been advised to change their router password following a massive data leak?

Virgin Media