March 2016 Quiz Round 2

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Which British TV series written by Sally Wainwright sees Sarah Lancashire play a strong-willed police sargeant based in West Yorkshire?

Happy Valley


What is the name given to the day in the US presidential race where most states hold their primary elections and caucuses?

Super Tuesday


Disney has announced it is reviving which film series, only with a whole new cast?

High School Musical


Which US actress was forced to apologise after she accused a Spanish publication of photoshopping an image of her, only to find out that they hadn't?

Lena Dunham


Two fast-food chains have announced they are banning unsupervised Under-18s from their stores. Can you name them?

KFC and McDonalds


Which British singer has announced he is taking a break from Twitter following a fallout with the fiance of Olympic diver Tom Daley?

Sam Smith


What was the name of the UK storm, the 10th in the new naming scheme, that brought snow, rain and strong winds to the north of England on Tuesday and Wednesday?

Storm Jake


Ryan Giggs made his Manchester United debut vs Everton on the 2nd March but in which year?



The creator of the Coronation Street died this week. Can you name him?

Tony Warren


What is the name of the Scottish National Party's current Parliamentary Group Leader?

Angus Robertson