March 2016 Quiz Round 6

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Which Conservative MP resigned as work and pensions secretary saying he thought the cuts to welfare for disabled people known as personal independence payments were a “compromise too far”?

Iain Duncan Smith


What is the name of the MP who replaced him?

Stephen Crabb


Which female vocalist has been announced as the Saturday night headline act at the Glastonbury Festival?



Which world figure has recently opened an Instragram account, marking his first post with the caption 'pray for me'?

Pope Francis


A long forgotton Spanish Civil War play 'Fifth Column' from which author is set to be produced for just a second time?

Ernest Hemingway


'I Took a Pill in Ibiza' is a UK number one single by which American singer?

Mike Posner


Simon Pegg will play a character described as a cross between Einstein and Santa Claus in which forthcoming Steven Spielberg science fiction movie?

Ready Player One


Who captained England to their first Rugby Union 'Grand Slam' since 2003?

Dylan Hartley