March 2016 Quiz Round 7

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The Natural Environment Research Council recently invited the public to suggest names for its forthcoming research vessel. Which bizarre suggestion received over 27,000 votes?

Boaty McBoatface


William Willett spent years campaigning for the clocks to change for British Summer Time. His great-grandson is now a successful musician in the UK. Is it a) Will Young b) Elton John c) Chris Martin

c) Chris Martin, Coldplay


Which race takes place on a course featuring The Mile Post, The Black Buoy and Chiswick Eyot?

The Boat Race


Renee Zellweger will return to our screens in the third installment of which movie series set to be released in September 2016?

Bridget Jones


Which British newspaper ceased publication on Saturday 26th March 2016?

The Independant


In which country did the Rolling Stones become the first western band to play a free open-air concert in 2016?



Written in 1968 by Barry Hines, what was the name of the novel which went on to be made into the film Kes?

A Kestral for a Knave


Johan Cruyff passed away in March 2016 aged 68. Which club did he manage to European Cup success in 1992?