March 2017 News Quiz (Round 2)

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A pupil wounded his headmaster and 3 pupils in a shooting incident in which town in France?


The eruption of which volcano sent BBC reporters running for their lives this week?
Mount Etna


It has been ruled that the Conservative party broke election rules on funding. How much were they fined? a) £25,000 b) £70,000 c) £125,000
b) £70,000


The Chancellor of the Exchequer was forced to change some of his recent budget following criticism from his own party. What is his name?
Phillip Hammond


Toyota has announced a £240m investment in its plant at which city? a) Sunderland b) Coventry c) Derby
c) Derby


Which 'over the counter' drug, a report by Danish scientists has concluded, increases the risk of a heart attach by 31%


Which golf course has, after 237 years, finally allowed women to be admitted as members?


Which racing driver, and so far the only man to win world championships on 2 wheels and 4 wheels, died recently?
John Surtees


If England beat Ireland this coming weekend they will own the record of most consecutive wins that they currently share with New Zealand. How many wins is the current record?