May 2016 Quiz Round 2

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Who challenged new London Mayor Sadiq Khan to an IQ test this week?
Donald Trump


In the ITV show celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday, how many horses took part?


What caused the cancellation of the football match between Manchester United and Bournmouth this week?
A fake bomb


The world's largest cruise ship has arrived in Southampton. What is it's name?
Harmony of the Seas


What culinary resource has the BBC said it will close as part of a £15m saving exercise?
The BBC Food website


Who caused outrage (not for the first time) by comparing the aims of the EU with that of Hitler?
Boris Johnson


A senior female police officer in Manchester has been suspended this week because of an argument with another female officer about what?
Who had the more attractive breasts


Which teenager has been named in England's 26 man training squad for the European Championships?
Marcus Rashford.


Who did Andy Murray beat in the Rome tennis final?
Novak Djokovic


Who became the youngest ever winner of a Formula 1 race by winning the Spanish Grand Prix?
Max Verstappen