May 2017 News Quiz (Round 1)

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A car carrying which politician ean over the foot of a BBC cameraman?
Jeremy Corbyn


It has been reported that Britons have lost £11 billion since 2008 gambling on what devices?
Fixed Odds Betting Terminals


Which TV personality is in dispute with Lloyds bank over the collapse of his Unique Group business in 2007, and demanding tens of millions in compensation 
Noel Edmonds


Which political party has announced that if they were to win the upcoming election they would legalise cannabis?
Liberal Democrats


Who has won a surprise victory in the European court in his attempt to show that rival appliance manufacturers are misrepresenting energy efficiency due to unrealistic test conditions?
James Dyson


Who did Donald Trump sack as head of the FBI?
James Comey


Which disease has broken out in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2 years after it was ended in West Africa?


Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish Grand Prix, but at which circuit was the race run?
Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona