November 2016 News Quiz Round 1

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The football World Cup Final's all-time leading goalscorer has called time on his playing career. What is his name?

Miroslav Klose


Which band known for 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A' have just announced two huge headline shows in Manchester for 2017?



FIFA has banned England and Scotland from wearing which symbol on their jerseys for this month's international fixture between the two sides?

The poppy


Which British coin will change shape next year, becoming twelve-sided?

The £1 coin


Who has announced he will stay as governor of the Bank of England until 2019?

Mark Carney


An inquiry into clashes between police and miners at which location in 1984 has been ruled out?



A women, once made famous by a National Geographic photograph, has been arrested for carrying a fake identification card. How was she better known?

Afghan Girl


Eric Molina has been announced as the next opponent for which British boxer in Manchester on December 10th?

Anthony Joshua


The world's oldest working actor Vladimir Zeldin has died. How old was he?

a) 101 b) 103 c) 105

a) 101


Deadpool director Tim Miller is said to be working on a new film starring which famous character from gaming history?

Sonic the Hedgehog