November 2016 News Quiz Round 2

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Which has team finally won Baseball's World Series for the first time since 1908?

Chicago Cubs


The trailer for which Danny Boyle film sequel was released this week, starring characters Sick Boy, Francis Begbie and Renton?

Trainspotting 2


The H&M website crashed following the launch of clothing range in collaboration with which designer?



Which country has announced it has approved the final designs for it's first attempt at reaching Mars, scheduled for 2021?

The United Arab Emirates


Which wrestling great has announced he will make a return at Smackdown later this month?

The Undertaker


Which controversial footballer has made a return to training with Glasgow Rangers following the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings?

Joey Barton


Which singer received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 50th Country Music Awards in Nashville?

Dolly Parton


What is the name of the new Netflix series which launches this week, said to be the most expensive TV show ever?

The Crown


Which Mexican restaurant chain was in the news following an outbreak of suspected norovirus?



Which Harry Potter character would have been 57 on Thursday 3rd November 2016, had he lived (and actually been a real person)?

Sirius Black


Kraigg Brathwaite created test cricket history by being the first batsman to remain unbeaten in both innings of a test match as which team beat Pakistan by five wickets?

West Indies