November 2016 News Quiz Round 5

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Which League One football club last week announced former Tottenham Hotspur coach Tim Sherwood as their new Director of Football?

a) Rochdale b) MK Dons c) Swindon Town

c) Swindon Town


Which song, originally written by Leonard Cohen who died this week, only reached wider public attention thanks to covers by John Cale and notably Jeff Buckley?



Which toy company has announced it is not planning any further promotional activity with the Daily Mail newspaper following pressure from the group Stop Funding Hate?

a) Lego b) Fisher-Price c) Mega Bloks

a) Lego


England's rugby union side made it 10 victories from 10 games with a 37-21 win over which nation this weekend?

a) Ireland b) South Africa c) Fiji

b) South Africa


Which hip-hop group has released 'We Got It From Here...' it's first studio in 18 years following 1998's The Love Movement?

a) A Tribe Called Quest b) De La Soul c) Gang Starr

a) A Tribe Called Quest


Best known for his roles in The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Bullitt and The Magnificent Seven, which New York born actor passed away this week aged 83?

a) James Coburn b) Yul Brynner c) Robert Vaughn

c) Robert Vaughn


It was Leonardo Dicaprio's birthday on 11th November. How old was he?

a) 42 b) 44 c) 46

a) 42


Artist Gavin Turk's first solo exhibition since 2002 opens at Newport Street Gallery, London next week. He initially found fame as part of the 1990s YBA movement. What does YBA stand for?

Young British Artist