November 2016 News Quiz Round 6

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The DJ behind New York City's first ever underground party 'Love Saves The Day' in 1970 died this week aged 72. What was his name?

a) Frankie Knuckles b) David Mancuso c) Arthur Russell

b) David Mancuso


Hull City striker Will Keane is set to miss the remainder of the Premier League season following a knee injury. From which club did The Tigers sign Keane?

a) Manchester United b) Chelsea c) Manchester City

a) Manchester United


The 'Supermoon' dazzled the UK this week. It is the closest the moon has been to the earth since which year?

a) 2001 b) 1961 c) 1948

c) 1948


Scientists have this week found that blood taken from which source has been found to rejuvenate old mice?

a) Teenagers b) Dogs c) Black Bears

a) Teenagers


Donald Trump's private residency has come under increased security following his election, causing traffic chaos in the city. At which address would you find Trump Tower?

a) Wall Street b) Broadway c) 5th Avenue

c) 5th Avenue


Which fictional sport has announced it will launch in the UK next summer consisting of eight teams and playing between May and August?

a) Quidditch Premier League b) Baseketball Trophy c) Dom-Jot Challenge Cup

a) Quidditch Premier League


Which American animated sport film directed by Joe Pytka was released 20 years ago this week?

a) Herbie Rides Again b) Space Jam c) Air Bud

b) Space Jam


Which Formula One Chairman and CEO has been forced out of his team McLaren following 35 years service?

a) Ross Brawn b) Ron Dennis c) Martin Whitmarsh

b) Ron Dennis


Steven Gerrard has announced he will leave his current MLS club at the end of this contract. Where has he been playing?

a) New York Red Bulls b) Toronto FC c) Los Angeles Galaxy

c) LA Galaxy


The Oxford Dictionary has this week announced its 'word of the year'. What is the word, which refers to a style of reporting or campaigning that attempts to appeal to emotions rather than convey factual accuracy?