November 2016 News Quiz (Round 8)

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Which company, one of the largest pharmceuticals in the world, was accused of a plot that has cost the NHS up to £50m?


Two academics writing in The Lancet Psychiatry journal have branded it as “a collective lie on a global scale” that "has to be questioned". What are they talking about?
Parents telling children that Father Christmas exists


Which household power supplier ceased trading this weekend?
GB Energy


Which England international side made it 13 straight wins this weekend, despite having a man sent off?
Rugby Union


John Corre has set fire to Punk memorabilia worth an estimated £5m as a protest about the adoption of the punk movement by the Establishment. Who are his parents?
Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren


Criminals have been getting fat after hacking passwords and using them to order food from which company?


Which socialist former dictator's death is being marked by 9 days of national homage?
Fidel Castro


The pensions regulator has been urged to seize the £100 million superyacht Lionheart, from which billionaire?
Sir Philip Green