October News Quiz Round 1

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The elected official representing 27000 students at King's College London students' union wants what banning from graduation ceremonies?
The playing of God Save the Queen


Which politician was under fire when video footage emerged of him boasting about committing sexual assault?
Donald Trump


Which footballer was reported as facing a £3.5 million bill for taking part in a tax avoidance scheme?
Wayne Rooney


A theory has emerged this week identifying a ship that was the inspiration of which Shakespeare play?
The Tempest


Fans have raised £50,000 to treat former soap star Leah Bracknell for cancer. Which role is she known for in Emmerdale?
Zoe Tate


Which on-line Russian news organisation is to set up home in Edinburgh it was announced this week?
Pravda International


Two UKIP MEPs had a bust-up at the European parliament this week with one ending the day in hospital, one was Mike Hookem, who was the other involved?
Steven Woolfe


Fracking, the controversial process for extracting energy, was given state approval this week for a site in which county?


Undercover journalist Mazher Mahmood, 53 was found guilty of tampering with evidence in the trial of Tulisa Contostavlos. What is the journalist know as?
The Fake Sheikh


Hurricane Matthew has devestated which island country this week?