October News Quiz Round 3

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Which Russian aircraft carrier passed through the Straits of Gibraltar this week?
Admiral Kuznetsov


Which footballer who captained Brazil to victory at the 1970 World Cup and scored one of the best goals in the tournament’s history, died this week?
Carlos Alberto


Who is the MP for Richmond Park that has said he will resign and force a by-election over the plan for a third runway at Heathrow?
Zac Goldsmith


Which tiny region of the EU withdrew it's veto of the multi-billion pound Canadian trade deal with the EU thus allowing it to be signed?
Wallonia (a region in southern Belgium)


Which Ken Loach film released this week tells of the struggles an ill carpenter finds in seeking assistance from state welfare.
I, Daniel Blake


Kent student union has been labelled a “national embarrassment” for honouring which pop star as its poster boy for its celebration of Black History Month?
Zayn Malik


Which singer who had hits on both sides of the Atlantic with hits such as Take Good Care Of My Baby, Rubber Ball and Run to Him, died this week?
Bobby Vee


By what name was the migrant camp in Calais, removed this week, referred to as?
Calais Jungle


A boys dream job was advertised recently and 15000 people applied for only 78 jobs, as what?
Train driver


Ford is trialling technology that guides cars down roads at a speed designed to avoid what?
Hitting red signals.