September 2016 News Quiz Round 2

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Which building is going to be vacated for the first time since 1941 to allow a £4 billion restoration to be undertaken?
The Houses of Parliament


Which State in Australia has been branded a 'Nanny state' for proposing a speed limit for motor vehicles?
Northern Territory


Who this week became Britain's greatest female Paralympian
Sarah Storey


Who knocked Andy Murray out of the US Open tennis tournament?
Kei Nishikori


Which politician has branded business as 'too lazy and fat' this week?
Liam Fox


The Jamaican born pioneer of Ska music who changed the face of music from Jamaica and directly influenced bands such as Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Specials and Madness died this week, name him?
Prince Buster


New plastic £5 notes come into circulation this week. Which famous politician is depicted on the notes?
Winston Churchill


Which politician was taken ill at the memorial for 9/11?
Hilary Clinton


Who won the US Open Mens singles tennis tournament this week?
Stan Wawrinka


Which team came out on top of the Manchester football derby this weekend?
Manchester City