September News Quiz (Round 1)

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced they are expecting their third child but what is the name of their first born?



Which Irish county won the Hurling All-Ireland final at the weekend for the first time since 1988?

a) Dublin b) Tyrone c) Galway

c) Galway


Staff at which fast food restaurant went on strike calling for an end to zero-hour contracts and a rise in minimum wage?

a) Burger King b) Nando's c) McDonalds

c) McDonalds



Which former Liberal Democrat leader criticised the UK government's approach to Brexit by comparing it to an empty building site?

Nick Clegg


Which American poet and 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry winner died this week aged 90?

John Ashbery


Walter Becker, who died this week aged 67, was a founding member of which American rock band known for their single 'Do It Again'?

Steely Dan


Which lowly European nation held the French international football team to an unexpected 0-0 this week?

a) Albania b) Luxembourg c) Andorra

b) Luxembourg


Beyonce celebrated her birthday this week. How old was she?

a) 36 b) 37 c) 38

a) 36