September News Quiz Round 3

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The Alton Towers operator was fined £5m because of health and safety failings on which ride?
The Smiler


Which golfing legend died this week?
Arnold Palmer


It has been suggested that as many as 100 million people watched a debate between which 2 people?
Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump


Scientists have discovered new evidence of water, strengthening the theory that a liquid ocean exists, on which of Jupiter’s moons?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travelled to Vancouver from Victoria this week. What method of transport did they use?
A Seaplane


Which football manager celebrated 20 years in charge this week?
Arsene Wenger


Which veteran baker this week bid "farewell to soggy bottoms" by staying with the BBC?
Mary Berry


Which billionaire businessman has taken charge of running the company he founded, and which has courted much controvesy of late due to it's alleged working practices?
Mike Ashley


Which government agency is recruiting an additional 1000 staff to fight global terrorism?


Which former star of the BBC quiz show Eggheads has been arrested after confessing that he believed he had killed a mugger in Amsterdam 30 years ago.
CJ (de Mooi)