90s Music (Round 12)

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Which English dance group had a 1994 number one with 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy'?

a) Basement Jaxx b) Moloko c) Baby D

c) Baby D


Which Jamaican rapper released 'Boombastic' in 1995?



Which song was Oasis' first number one in the UK Singles Chart in April 1995?

Some Might Say


With which track did Simply Red top the charts in September 1995?

a) Fairground b) Something Got Me Started c) You Make Me Feel Brand New

a) Fairground


Babyloo Zoo released 'Spaceman' in 1996. What was the name of their lead singer?

a) Jas Mann b) Badd Guy c) Weird Al

a) Jas Mann


Which song was UK number one first; Peter Andre with 'Flava' or East 17 with 'Stay Another Day'?

East 17 with 'Stay Another Day'


Complete the title of this 1995 U2 hit 'Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me ...'

Kill Me


Rod Stewart and Sting teamed up with which North American singer for the 'Three Musketeers' single 'All for Love' in 1993?

Bryan Adams