How to Host Your Own Quiz From Home 2020

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Hello, this quiz is a little different.


We'll do our best over the next few weeks and months to keep you quizzing. I will keep updating this post as and when new resources become available.


Hosting Your Own Virtual Pub Quiz:


Zoom Video:

Zoom is an excellent way to connect with friends and continue to quiz. Here's a useful tutorial explaining how it works.


It has become one of the most popular early options for online quizzes as the software is free to download and use (though free calls can only last up to 40 minutes at this moment in time).


Up to 100 participants can join calls for free.


For longer quizzes, it costs £11.99p/m to upgrade to 'Pro' version. The call duration then jumps to 24 hours.


Zoom also allows 'Breakout' rooms which could be used for allowing 'conferring' or the host can 'mute' all viewers, allowing discussions to take place between questions.


There have already been lots of creative examples of quizzes using Zoom.


Try Zoom now.


WhatsApp Video Calls:

Quick and easy, WhatsApp allows up to four callers take part in face to face video calls.


It is more suited to quizzes with smaller numbers, it's an easy way to communicate over video chat.


It's also an option for players to communicate with each other if you are broadcasting via Google Hangouts or Zoom. Players can simply mute their mics and confer between themselves in peace.


Many people will already have WhatsApp on their devices and will be comfortable holding group video calls.



An excellent resource. Allows for live, real time multi-user multiple choice quizzes. 


Allows for images or videos to be uploaded to accompany questions.


Useful if used in coordination with a group video chat app such as House Party or Zoom.


House Party:

House Party allows you to host video calls. It's a lot less business-like than some of the following options.


Blue Jeans:

Similar to Zoom,, Jitsi and Blue Jeans allow free group video calls.


Jitsi works well with low connectivity and you can mute quizzers, too.


Facebook Video Chat:

Lots of people have Facebook accounts, so consider getting a group together and asking each other questions via their Video Chat option.



It's possible to create interactive quizzes using Kahoot.



Presenting a pub quiz is not easy! But it's enjoyable and also a vital service for people who are looking to stay social during this period.


If you decide you would like to appear live on video, then try to relax. Everyone will be supportive (and simply be glad to see a friendly face!)


Before the quiz, write a few short tips or prompts to help you remember how you would like the night to proceed but also try not to be too scripted.


Rounds are a good idea, perhaps 7 or 8. Most quiz rounds have between 5-10 questions in each. 


Breaks are good. In traditional pub quizzes they take to have roughly two-thirds of the way through the evening to allow people to refill their glasses and visit the bathroom!


Also, people enjoy the social aspect so try to make it interactive if you can. Ask people where they are joining from, what they are drinking (even if it's just a brew) and who they are playing with.


Variety is good. Categories like General Knowledge, Sport, Music, History, Food, Geography always go down well but don't be afraid to mix things up with a few specialist rounds, too.


All in all, relax and have fun! 


Marking Answers:

If you decide against using a service like MyQuiz, then you have a few choices when it comes to marking answers. You can:

- allow users to mark their own

- ask them to email you their answers

- use a service such as Google Forms to collect answers at the end of the quiz.

Google Forms is a tidy option as all responses can be exported viewed in Google Sheets.


Find People to Quiz With:

This is an experiment. If you'd like to post on our Facebook page, we can hopefully create a community of like-minded quizzers looking to stay active during this next period.


Tools such as Canva make it really similar to create fantastic, attractive graphics for use on social media. Really handy for advertising your event.