It Happened in April Quiz (Round 5)

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2020 History


A quiz on events which took place in the month of April


Born in April 1770 in Cockermouth he was Britain’s poet laureate from 1843 until his death in 1850, his most well known work being ‘Daffodils’?

William Wordsworth


Who resigned as British Prime Minister in april 1955 due to failing health?

Winston Churchill


Who was the English criminal executed in 1739, whose exploits as a Highwayman were unjustifiably romanticised?

Dick Turpin


Which motor racing world champion was killed in an accident at Hockenheim in 1968?

Jim Clark


German forces launched their third offensive of the Battle of Verdun during which war?

World War I


In April 2003 US troops captured Baghdad, leading to the collapse of whose regime two days later?

Saddam Hussein


Who was the right wing politician whose pro Nazi puppet government jointly governed Norway from 1942 to 1945 alongside a German administrator, Josef Terboven, and whose name has become a byword for ‘traitor’ or ‘collaborator’

Vidkun Quisling


‘The War of Jenkin’s Ear’ which lasted for eight years from 1740 was fought between Britain and which other country?



Longacre Square in Midtown Manhattan changed its name in 1904 to what?

Times Square


In 1784 the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolutionary War was signed by the US Congress and which British king?

King George III