Friends Quiz Round 1

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Which 2 writers created Friends?
David Crane and Marta Kauffman


How many seasons did the series have?


What is Phoebe's twin sister called?


In season 3 Rachel becomes assistant buyer at which department store?


Monica and Chandler Bing become an item in series 4, after spending the night together in which city?


Who does Phoebe marry in season 10?
Mike Hannigan


What role did Joey play in the series Days of Our Lives?
Dr Drake Ramoray


For most of the series Chandler works for a large multi-national corporation. What is his job?
He is an executive in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.


How many failed marriages does Ross have during the series?


What was the reason Rachel arrived at the Central Perk and moved in with Monica.
She was running away from her wedding to Barry