Friends Quiz Round 2

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All questions in this round relate to recurring characters on the Friends TV Series.


Gunther once played the character Bryce on All My Children but his character died. What caused his demise?

a) Fell off a cliff b) Buried in an avalanche c) Electrocuted

b) Buried in an avalanche


What are the first names of Ross and Monica's parents?

Jack & Judy


What was the name of Ross' pet monkey?



In season seven, Rachel meets an attractive new assistant at Polo Ralph Lauren. They are forced to keep their subsequent relationship secret from their boss. What was his name?

'Tag' Jones


Maggie Wheeler played which long time recurring character?



What is the name of the neighbour who lives below Monica and Rachel, often heard banging his broomstick on the ceiling?

Mr. Heckles


It was revealed at her memorial service that Estelle only had one other client, and he ate paper. What was his name?

Al Zebooker


How does Monica meet Dr. Richard Burke played by Tom Selleck in season two?

She caters an event at his apartment