2020 on Netflix Quiz (Round 1)

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2020 Netflix Quiz of the Year Quiz questions for teenagers

Which Netflix Original series sees a brother and two sisters come to terms with their father's murder whilst discovering some family secrets along the way?

Locke & Key


Hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, which reality show looks to find the next big designer?

Next in Fashion


Full of twists and turns, which Harlan Coben drama features a mysterious woman who brings chaos to all she meets?

The Stranger


Sophia Lillis stars in 'I Am Not Okay With This'. In which film series did she famously play teenager Beverly Marsh?



Asa Butterfield plays socially awkward teen Otis Milburn and Emma Mackay is Maeve Wiley in which school-based teen series?

Sex Education


In which Netflix drama does Henry Cavill play Geralt Of Rivia, a superhero monster hunter?

The Witcher