Friends Quiz Round 3

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What is the name of Phoebe's formerly bald friend who she wants to set up with Ross in season 3's 'The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion'?



Which phrase does Ross claim to have invented in 'The One with the Mugging'?

Got Milk?


How does Chandler react when he discovers Ross has had a brief fling with Janice in season 5?

a) He pours a glass of water of his shirt b) He throws popcorn at him c) He laughs

c) He laughs


What is the name of the fellow paleontologist Ross dates in season 10?



Which position did Ross come in the 'Best Friends Character' in an international poll held by Comedy Central during their 'FriendsFest' in October 2016?

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3

a) 1


In which city did Ross and Rachel get married at the end of season 5?

Las Vegas


In 'The Last One', where are Phoebe and Ross when she convinces him to tell Rachel how he feels before she leaves for Paris?

a) Ross' flat b) Rachel's flat c) Central Perk

c) Central Perk


What is the name of the student Ross dates in season six where Ross is initially concerned for his career until he catches her embarrassed father Paul in front of the mirror?