Quick Fire Questions (Round 8)

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Published: 17th November 2020


Author: Adam 

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These questions can be used in general knowledge quizzes or in Chase-style cash-builder rounds.


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As always, we suggest giving each player one minute and keeping track of their total!



Which American folklore creature, also known as ‘Sasquatch’ is said to inhabit the forests of North America?



What is the name of the Queen’s daughter?



The book ‘Hogwarts Classics’ is a spinoff from which book series?

Harry Potter


‘The Greatest Show’ is a song performed in which musical?

The Greatest Showman


Ron Wayne joined Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in founding which company in April 1976?



Generally, what colour are Bourbon biscuits?



The story of the ‘Clash of the Titans’ comes from which mythology?



Which actress voices the Frozen character Princess Anna as an adult?

Kristen Bell


Which multi-spindle spinning frame, one of the key developments of the industrialisation of textile manufacturing, was invented in 1765 in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire?

Spinning Jenny


Which British society formed in 1870 provides help for people in crisis, both in the UK and overseas?

British Red Cross


Which Tennis player made famous the phrase ‘you cannot be serious’?

John McEnroe


Which ‘V’ is used to describe the force of an electric current?



Which 2017 biopic tells the story of figure skater Tonya Harding’s attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan?

I, Tonya


Two Shakespeare plays contain Italian places within their title. One is ‘The Merchant of Venice’, name the other.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona


Representing one team, how many players can be on a basketball court at one time?



Which ‘V’ is a form of performance made popular by Keith Harris and his character ‘Orville the Duck’?



In which west coast US city would you find the ‘Pike Place Market’ tourist attraction?



In the film ‘Life of Pi’, who or what is ‘Richard Parker’?

A Bengal tiger


On the 3rd December 1992, Vodafone employee Neil Papworth sent Richard Jarvis the world’s first SMS message. What did it say?

Merry Christmas


Which group had a 1994 one hit wonder with the ‘You & Me Song’?

The Wannadies