Francisco Scaramanga (Round 203)

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In which year did author Sir Terry Pratchett, soul singer Ben E King and actor Sir Christopher Lee all pass away?



Which 'C' is a form of cow's milk with the water removed?



Aviator Denys Corbett Wilson is best known for completing which feat in 1912?

First complete flight between Britain and Ireland


Francisco Scaramanga is a character from which James Bond film?

a) For Your Eyes Only b) The Man with the Golden Gun c) Goldfinger

b) The Man with the Golden Gun


Since 1066, the coronations of all British monarchs have taken place at which building?

Westminster Abbey


Ennio Morricone won a 2016 Academy Award for Best Original Score for which Tarantino western?

The Hateful Eight


Which American group had a 2010 UK number one single with 'Fireflies'?

Owl City


GDPR is the EU's new privacy law: what does it stand for?

General Data Protection Regulation


'Golden Years' and 'Sound and Vision' are singles from which British musician?

David Bowie


Which 'M' is an assembly of people for a particular purpose?