Horror Movies Quiz Round 1

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Amity Island is the fictional location for which 1975 American thriller starrng Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss?

a) The Shallows b) Jaws c) Orca

b) Jaws


In John Carpenter's 1982 film The Thing, what is the name of the character played by Kurt Russell?

a) J.P. MacGuire b) R.J. MacReady c) A.F. MacGregor

b) R.J. MacReady


'Revenge of the Creature' and 'The Creature Walks Among Us' are sequels to which 1954 American horror film directed by Jack Arnold?

a) Creature from the Black Lagoon b) The She-Creature c) Creature from the Haunted Sea

a) Creature from the Black Lagoon


Which 2008 found footage horror film from Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams follows six young New York City residents as they attempt to escape from a city under attack?

a) Paranormal Activity b) Diary of the Dead c) Cloverfield

c) Cloverfield


Which Japanese director directed the 1954 film Godzilla?

a) Ishiro Honda b) Kenji Sahara c) Akira Takarada

a) Ishiro Honda


Which 1986 horror film directed by David Cronenberg sees Jeff Goldblum play Seth Brundle, a brilliant though eccentric scientist who invents 'telepods'?

a) Jumper b) Splice c) The Fly

c) The Fly


Kevin Bacon plays handyman Val McKee in which 1990 Ron Underwood directed film from Universal Pictures?

a) The People Under the Stairs b) Tremors c) Jacob's Ladder

b) Tremors


In which 1984 film does Billy receive a pet mogwai?

a) Munchies b) Arachnophobia c) Gremlins

c) Gremlins


A twenty-eight year old Steve McQueen made his debut leading role as teenager Steve Andrews in which Irvin Yeaworth directed horror film which was released a double feature with 'I Married a Monster from Outer Space'?

a) The Blob b) The Thing from Another World c) Not of This Earth

a) The Blob


Which 1990 American horror, based on the novella Cabal, starred Craig Sheffer as Aaron Boone and Anne Bobby as Lori Winston?

a) Nightbreed b) The Beast Within c) Pumpkinhead

a) Nightbreed