Harry Potter Quiz Round 1

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Your Harry Potter quiz questions:


What is the collective name for the three magical objects (a wand, a stone and an invisibility cloak) which when owned by one person are said to give mastery over death?

The Deathly Hallows


Which term refers to wizards and witches who have both magic and Muggle ancestors?



Which celebrity wizard is appointed Hogwart's new Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor in Chamber of Secrets?

Gilderoy Lockhart


Hagrid's pet hippogriff was sentenced to death for injuring Draco Malfoy before his subsequent rescue by Harry and Hermione. What was the pet's name?



What is the name of the loony Ravenclaw student from the year below Harry who's big green eyes are said to give her a 'permanently surprised look'? 

Luna Lovegood


Which pair move into Shell Cottage in the Deathly Hallows book? It is used as a hiding place by Harry and co. following their escape from Malfoy Manor.

Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour


Which country do the Patonga Proudsticks quidditch team play out of?

a) Rwanda b) Uganda c) Ethiopia

b) Uganda


On which street would you find Borgin & Burkes?

Knockturn Alley


In the Order of the Phoenix, which member of Gryffindor receives a Blood Blisterpod from Ron by mistake during a game of Quidditch?

Katie Bell


Who is Hogwarts' Herbology professor and the head of Hufflepuff House?

Pomona Sprout