Michael Jordan Quiz (Round 1)

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Michael Jordan played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and which other team?

a) Golden State Warriors b) Los Angeles Lakers c) Washington Wizards

c) Washington Wizards


Michael was born on which of the following dates?

a) February 17th, 1963 b) June 9th, 1964 c) October 18th, 1967

a) February 17th, 1963


Michael Jordan was taken 3rd overall in the 1984 NBA draft. Which player was taken in number one spot?

a) Earvin 'Magic' Johnson b) Hakeem Olajuwon c) Danny Manning

b) Hakeem Olajuwon


In which season did Jordan win his first NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls?

a) 1985 b) 1988 c) 1991

c) 1991


Michael abruptly retired from Basketball in 1993 to pursue a career in which sport?

a) Nascar b) Wrestling c) Baseball

c) Baseball


How many NBA MVP Awards did Michael Jordan win during his career?

a) 3 b) 5 c) 7

b) 5


When Jordan place second on the Associated Press's list of athletes of the twentieth century, which Baseball player took the number one spot?

a) Babe Ruth b) Mickey Mantle c) Joe DiMaggio

a) Babe Ruth


Which US President honour Jordan with a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

a) Bill Clinton b) George W. Bush c) Barack Obama

c) Barack Obama