Was Boris Johnson born in the USA? (Round 224)

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Accra is the capital city of which African country?



In 2006, which of the traditional planets of the solar system was relegated to dwarf-planet status? 



In architecture, which ‘G’ is a style popular in Western Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries including features such as stone structures and large expanses of glass?

a) Gothic b) Georgian c) Grecian

a) Gothic


Tom Skerritt is Dallas and Sigourney Weaver is Ripley in which 1979 classic directed by Ridley Scott?



What ‘A’ is a bridge which carries water over valleys?



Which English landscape painter is most closely associated with the county of Suffolk where his works include ‘Dedham Vale’ and ‘The Hay Wain’ are set?

a) John Constable b) JMW Turner c) Thomas Gainsborough

a) John Constable


What natural law did Isaac Newton discover in 1684?

Laws of Gravitation


Politician Boris Johnson was born in which country?

a) USA b) England c) France

a) USA


Ambarella, Bokhara and Santa Rosa are both types of which fruit?



Should you misbehave a court may issue an ASBO, but what does ASBO stand for?

Anti-Social Behaviour Order