There’s No Place Like Home (Round 233)

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The Sabre-toothed tiger became extict about 10000 years ago, but on which continent did it roam?
North and South America


Which bridge was voted Scotland's greatest man-made wonder in 2016?
Forth Bridge


Born in Trinidad and Tobago as Onika Tanya Maraj this singer is known by which stagename?
Nicki Minaj


Which best friend of Hercule Poirot was introduced in the Agatha Christie novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles?
Arthur Hastings


 “There’s no place like home.” is a famous movie quote from which film?

  The Wizard of Oz


The island of Malta was awarded which medal during WWII?
George Cross


Which comedian had "Look at the muck on here" as one of his many catchphrases?
Larry Grayson


Who starred as Danny Ormondroyd the conductor of the band in Brassed Off?
Pete Postlethwaite


What word means the opposite in meaning in relation to another?
Antonym (eg High - Low)


What is Marsala? a) a curry b) a fortified wine c) a type of antelope
b) a fortified wine