Coffee (Round 1)

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Dating back to 1654, Queen's Lane Coffee House claims to be the oldest in Europe. In which English city can it be found?

a) Oxford b) London c) York

a) Oxford


As of 2016, which country produces the most coffee beans?

a) Colombia b) Brazil c) Guatemala

b) Brazil


The Costa brothers, two Italian immigrant opened their first store in which 1978, in London. What were the brothers' names?

a) Bruno & Sergio b) Paulo & Massimo c) Antonio & Piero

a) Bruno & Sergio


Which of the following coffee bean roasting styles traditionally takes place at the highest temperature?

a) Vienna roast b) American roast c) Italian roast

c) Italian roast


Which US President said: "I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon."?

a) Bill Clinton b) Ronald Reagan c) George W. Bush

b) Ronald Reagan


In northern Germany, the addition of which alcoholic drink to coffee creates a Pharisaer?

a) Rum b) Whisky c) Vodka

a) Rum


Which businessman became chairman and CEO of Starbucks in August 1987?

a) Jeff Bezos b) Larry Page c) Howard Schultz

c) Howard Schultz


There are two main types of coffee beans, one being Arabica, the other being Robusta. Which country is the world's largest producer of Robusta beans?

a) Vietnam b) Peru c) India

a) Vietnam