Ancient and Bearded (Round 225)

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Lewisham, Lambeth and Merton are all boroughs of which British city?



Which 1992 film stars Michael Douglas as Nick Curran and Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell?

Basic Instinct


As of 2018, which jockey had most classic wins?

Lestor Piggot


If you’re looking for someone with a GSOH, what do the letters GSOH stand for?

Good Sense of Humour


Which Caribbean island takes it’s name for the Spanish words for ‘Ancient’ and ‘Bearded’?

Antigua and Barbuda


What item of clothing did Levi Strauss invent in 1850?



Podgorica is the capital city of which Eastern European country?



Which English football club known as the Cumbrians play their home games at Brunton Park?

Carlisle United


Actress Isla Fisher was born in which country?

a) Oman b) Egypt c) Australia

a) Oman


Which planet sits between Earth and Jupiter in it’s proximity to the sun?